For Breeders

We welcome breeders to bring their dogs in for a pregnancy scan or pre-breeding echocardiogram.
We offer routine pregnancy scans, optimally at 26 to 28 days past the last breeding. You will be able to determine whether your dog is pregnant, and if so, how many embryos exist.
We also offer pre-breeding echocardiograms. If yours is among the breeds that are especially susceptible to heart problems, such as boxers, Newfoundlands, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, it is necessary to scan your dog prior to breeding. Any indication of cardiomyopathy precludes an individual from being involved in a breeding program, to avoid furthering weaknesses in the breed.
The echo should be repeated yearly if an abnormality is present. A Holter EKG must be performed yearly in all boxers used for breeding to detect the presence of cardiomyopathy as early as possible. These individuals should not be used for breeding. No dog with an LVOT (left ventricle outflow tract) velocity of over 1.95 m/s -- which in fact constitutes clear Doppler evidence that SAS (subaortic stenosis) is present -- should ever be included in a breeding program.