Why is my pet coughing?


There are several possible reasons for an abnormal cough. If your dog has recently been boarded or exposed to other dog, for instance, he may have acquired kennel cough. Kennel cough is a common illness that is treatable.

Another possibility is that your pet has a piece of toy or household object stuck in the trachea. Your veterinarian may take x-rays to determine whether there is any foreign material in the throat or chest.

For many of our patients with heart disease, a cough could be an early sign of heart failure. If your pet has heart disease, it is necessary to see the veterinarian right away to check the status of the disease. If your pet is at risk for going into heart failure, your veterinarian will prescribe medications to control the effects of the heart disease, as well as an emergency medication to use in case heart failure does begin to occur.