Our Friends

Here are a few of our favorite clients.



Hermes is a nine-year-old toy poodle from Massachusetts. He likes to snuggle with his family and tussle with his housemate. He also enjoys his rope toys, and sometimes he eats them. This sort of behavior can become a serious problem for the digestive tract if it is not controlled. Luckily, Hermes has intenstines of steel and is able to withstand even the densest fibres. We wish him luck in the coming years.




SkippySunshine resized

Elvis is a fourteen-year-old mutt with scraggly hair and long list of dental problems. He doesn't mind road trips, but going to the vet makes him very nervous. One time he even had an accident in the waiting room! Veterinary anxiety is normal for pets and the best thing you can do for your loved one is to assuage him by talking to him softly and calmly, petting him, and making sure he understands everything's alright.

As for the mess Elvis made -- accidents are absolutely not uncommon! It's nothing to be embarassed about if your pet "makes" on our floor. Our lovely staff will come to clean and sanitize the area immediately.