Pregnancy Sonogram

preganimaA loop of a fetus at approximately 33 days gestation. The beating heart is evident just right of center.

The ideal time to schedule a scan for pregnancy diagnosis is 26 to 28 days after the last breeding.

Although a gestational sac first becomes visible around 18 days after conception, conception in some individuals may occur as late as 7 days after the last breeding. This is uncommon, but we have seen this occur in several German Shepherds, and it could potentially occur in any breed.

The litter size is estimated and is usually accurate to within one puppy. We have seen little attrition when the litter size is estimated at this time in gestation. Litter sizes have ranged from one to seventeen puppies.

A small area of haircoat (¼" by 3") on the ventral midline may be clipped in thick-coated individuals. Permission is always obtained prior to clipping.

A pregnancy scan is a partial scan. The entire abdomen is not examined. Ovaries are not examined in a pregnancy scan. Should scanning other parts of the abdomen be necessary for the medical situation at hand, the usual charge for an abdominal sonogram will apply.

Please call for further information.

  CaninePregA sonogram image of a canine pregnancy.