CareLink Transportation

CareLink is our animal transportation service, conveying your pet from your local veterinary hospital in the greater Boston area to our Clinic in Salem, MA. We have established protocols and procedures to ensure that service is prompt, safe, and reliable.

CareLink service may be arranged by telephone and by your veterinarian sending us a completed Fax Referral Form. Your veterinarian will advise us of any critical situations so that we may staff and equip the vehicle appropriately.

Within 12 hours of an appointment, we will telephone your veterinarian to confirm the scheduled pickup arrangements. You may also call us.

Pets are picked up and returned to your regular veterinary hospital between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM.

Please have your pet in the hospital and ready for transportation at the opening time of the hospital. The vehicle will arrive some time between 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM.

Your pet will be returned to your veterinary hospital by 5:00 PM. If an unexpected event delays the return, we will notify you immediately and confirm alternate arrangements

Routine CareLink service is available for transporting patients from your veterinary hospital on specific days of the week. The CareLink van makes several stops along a predetermined route and a routine travel fee is charged for each patient. The fee is based upon the distance between your veterinary hospital and The Animal Ultrasound Clinic.

Meeting Our Drivers and Technicians
We ask your veterinarian to please release the pet to the drivers and technicians without delay. Oftentimes, animals from a previous hospital stop are waiting in the van. Drivers are instructed to continue their route after waiting a maximum of 10 minutes. This is necessary to ensure safe conduct of the pets already on the van. Please ask your veterinarian to prepare your pets' radiographs, Fax Referral Form (if not already faxed), and labwork for travel in advance of the arrival of the van.

Due to last-minute scheduling of animals that may be quite ill, the van may arrive sometime after your veterinary hospital opens. While you are welcome to meet our staff and to escort your pet to the van, please understand that a specific pickup or drop off time should not be anticipated.


Please call us for current prices.

A $50.00 cancellation fee may be applied for late cancellations. Please call us if you anticipate a late cancellation may occur so we may minimize the chances of you incurring a late cancellation fee.

Transportation to Other Specialists and Facilities

CareLink transportation is available to other clinics and facilities. Please call us for details if this is needed.

Your Patient’s Transit and Visit with Us
Please send along all medications to be administered while the animal is in our care.

Please note that fasting is not necessary or desirable, unless an anesthetic procedure is anticipated, or the medical condition requires that food be withheld. Because of the secure environment the van provides, motion sickness occurs extremely rarely.  Please call us prior to discuss your pet's travel should you be concerned about motion sickness.

Due to limited space, it is not possible to transport owners via CareLink.

You may call our office for a progress report any time.

Patients on fluids: Fluid therapy instructions will be obtained from the doctor in charge by the driver or technician.

Critical patients: Animals that require close supervision or continual monitoring may also be transported by CareLink van. Your vet will advise us of the animal’s needs so we may appropriately staff (e.g, add personnel) and equip the van prior to its departure. ICU care by a Certified Veterinary Technician is possible.

Safety Issues
Please advise the driver or technician of any potential problems an animal may present, such as breathing trouble, aggression or fear, unknown rabies vaccination status, or any other special need.

If travel appears to be risky for an animal, the driver or technician may discuss the case with a doctor prior to accepting the animal.

Cats and small mammals are accepted only in secure carriers (cardboard carriers are inadequate). Our clinic does have a limited number of carriers available.

The vehicles are air-conditioned and well heated, and are outfitted with emergency equipment and an oxygen tank.

Our technicians are trained professionals and have specific emergency protocols to follow, including the administration of emergency medication and knowledge of the location and fastest course to every veterinary hospital on their route. They are in contact with our office at all times.

Upper respiratory infections: For the health of the other animals in the van, it is not possible to transport animals with upper respiratory infections by routine CareLink service. Please call for STAT service or arrange for someone to bring the pet to the clinic.

Flea and tick infestations: For the health of the other animals in the van, animals with flea or tick infestation must be sprayed prior to being transported

You are welcome to speak with our staff prior to your pet's travel via CareLink.