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Date of next clinic:  Please call us with your needs.

Cost: $75.00 per individual.

Eligibility:  All breeds are eligible for PKD screening; Persians and breeds genetically related to Persians are most at risk.

Location:  The Animal Ultrasound Clinic, 131 Boston Street, Salem, MA. Please call us at 978-740-9800 to schedule an appointment and for directions.

Breeding Certificates:  If appropriate, certificates indicating that the individual shows no evidence of cystic kidney disease will be issued.  Ten months of age is the youngest at which a cat with no sonographic evidence of cysts be considered likely (approximately 98% assurance, not 100%) to be PKD negative.

What the test results mean:   A negative scan is not a 100% guarantee that the cat is free from the possibility of carrying the PKD trait.  In an adult cat, (approx. 10 months or older) a negative scan is believed to assure that the cat has approximately a 98% chance of remaining free of PKD for it's lifetime.   This is still the best test available to help lessen the incidence of PKD.

Confidentiality:   Strict confidentiality will be maintained. Test results will be released only to the owner. The studies will be performed in private.

Summary of past clinics:   About 35% have been positive for polycystic kidney disease. 160 individuals scanned, 55 PKD (+).   Most of these 160 cats were Persians.

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